Our Story

The story begins in France in 1935...

for the first time, a foreign exchange office was created in the heart of the city of Annecy. In spite of difficult years and the war, the founder of Comptoir Savoyard de Change persevered and continued to offer first class services to both local people and visiting tourists. With passing years, the exchange centre gained an excellent reputation, and the founder enrolled his son in the adventure and embarked on opening another exchange office in Grenoble in the neighbouring department.

After many years of hard work, the Comptoir Savoyard de Change team also opened offices in Toulon and Torino. However, the core activity is still firmly based in Annecy. Today, the second and third generations of managers continue to develop Comptoir de Savoyard de Change... in Chambery. The new CSC Chambery currency exchange office is located close to the town hall. It enjoys all the experience and rigour of CSC Annecy. The services offered by CSC Chambery must always be very professional, fast and secure. The CSC Chambery team is always available and ready to listen to offer advice and information. We hope to have the pleasure of meeting you at 16 place du 8 Mai 1945 in Chambery.